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Saturday 06 May 2023, 12:00 UTC

onFOSS-LAN hosted by hribhrib

  • 12:00UTC Get and chill together
  • 13:00UTC OpenSpades
  • 14:30UTC Blockbomber
  • 15:30UTC Break
  • 16:00UTC Xonotic Tournament
  • 18:00UTC Break
  • 18:30UTC OpenHV
  • 20:00UTC Mindustry

Saturday 17 December 2022, 14:00 UTC

onFOSS-LAN hosted by DeathByDenim

  • 14:00UTC Get together
  • 14:30UTC Doom (ODAMEX) XMAS mod
  • 15:15UTC Teeworlds
  • 16:00UTC OpenSpades
  • 17:00UTC Break
  • 18:00UTC Lix
  • 18:30UTC Free Play!
    • Shattered Paradise

Saturday 02 July 2022, 14:00 UTC

onFOSS-LAN hosted by DeathByDenim

  • 14:00UTC OpenSoldat
  • 15:00UTC Lix
  • 16:00UTC Teeworlds DDrace
  • 17:00UTC Free play!
    • OpenSpades
    • OpenHV

Saturday 19 March 2022, 14:00 UTC

onFOSS-LAN hosted by DeathByDenim

  • 14:00UTC Armagetron Advanced
  • 15:00UTC Xonotic - Battle Royale
  • 16:00UTC Lix
  • 16:30UTC Free play!
    • Hedgewars
    • SuperTuxKart (Race and Soccer modes)

Additionally, there was a fundraiser to help the people suffering from the war in Ukraine 🇺🇦. I matched your donation (up to $500 total) and additionally, the government of Canada 🇨🇦 will match mine until 18 March. So, that's triple the value for any donation you make. It doesn't have to be to the Canadian Red Cross, you probably have a local equivalent.

UPDATE (2022-03-08): Canada reached the $10M already so they are not doubling anymore. I'll still double but this means your amount won't count as triple anymore.

UPDATE (2022-03-13): Canada increased the limit to $30M, so any donation you make is once again tripled.

UPDATE (2022-03-14): Oh, never mind, this goal has already been reached. Anyway, I'll still match what you donate!

UPDATE (2022-03-19): Donations are closed. A total amount of €40 was collected and the equivalent of CAD 55.64 was donated to the Canadian Red Cross.

List of donations:

  • Anonymous: €40

Saturday 12 February 2022, 15:00 UTC

Session to test if it all works as intended

  • OpenSpades
  • OpenHV
  • Xonotic
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