Kart racing game where you can use the various power-ups to give yourself a boost of hinder your opponents.

Screenshot of SuperTuxKart

Getting the game


  • Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, and steer.
  • Pick up presents to get items to use. Use <Space*gt; to activate.
  • The blue bottle give you turbo. Use N to activate.
  • Use V to grind in the corners and keep it pressed. Yellow sparks will give you a speed boost. Red ones even more.


Click on the globe labelled "Online". At the top, just below the title, you can click the yellow button to set your in-game name. You don't have to set a password.

To connect to our server, click on "Enter server address". Then type in and click on "OK".

Entering the server address

You will then be placed in the lobby of our game server and ready to go!

Live stats