Lemmings-like game where you need to guide your little people to safety despite their best efforts of wandering into things that will kill them.

Screenshot of Lix

Getting the game


  • You can only control the Lix that are the colour you chose
  • You only get points for Lix going into the exits that are in your colour
  • You also get points if other coloured Lix go into your exits
  • The baseball bat is a great way to get rid of enemy blockers


Click on "Options". Then under the "General" tab, you can input your player name. Click on "Okay" to confirm.

Click on "Network Game".

Under address, fill out and keep the port set to 22934. Then click on "Okay" to connect.

You should see a room on the upper right. Click on that to join.

Choose your colour and then click "Okay"

Live stats