Worms-like game where your team of hedgehogs needs to destroy the other teams using the ludicrous arsenal at their disposal.

Screenshot of Hedgewars

Getting the game


  • Use the right mouse button to open the weapons menu.
  • Use the arrow keys to move around. You can jump with <Enter> or do a long jump <Backspace>.
  • Hold down <Space> to shoot. The longer you keep it pressed, the further you will shoot.


To set your in-game name, click on the wrench icon at the bottom-right. You can set your name under the Network tab. A password is not necessary.

Go back to the main menu by clicking on the red arrow at the bottom left of the screen and click the globe on the right and choose "Play local network game". A new screen will open up.

At the bottom, there is a button called "Specify addres". Fill in play.jarno.ca for the host and leave the port number at 46631.

Connection settings for Hedgewars

You should now see a list of rooms. There should be one room you can join.

Live stats